About the ARA

The Association of Rugby Agents (ARA) is the organisation of individuals and companies engaged in the representation of professional rugby union players in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The ARA is a non-profit, unincorporated trade body governed by its members under a constitution. It is the only organisation representing rugby agents in the territory.

The aims of the ARA include:

  • the maintenance of a code of practice to which all members commit;
  • the provision of a forum for discussing and acting on matters affecting all agents;
  • and, to provide a collective voice in dealings with third parties (including governing bodies, other professional associations, the media, players, parents/guardians and the public) in matters of common interest.
  • The ARA was formally established in 2007, but has acted informally in the interests of most practising agents for a number of years prior to the adoption of a code of practise, constitution, rules of membership and governance.

At the beginning of 2009, the ARA had 44 individual members from 24 separate organisations. Membership of the ARA is open to any UK or Ireland-based agent who has at least two years trading history and is approved by a majority of the ARA committee.

Current members of ARA Working Committee:

  • Mark Spoors – Chairman
  • Tony Copsey – Acting CEO
  • Shaun Longstaff
  • Duncan Sandlant
  • David Williams
  • Rhys Parsons
  • Christian Abt
  • Tim Lopez
  • Richard Wilks
  • Daren O’Leary
  • Richard Cranmer
  • Peter Simmons
  • Rob Burgess

To apply to join the ARA please click here.