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Rugby Players’ Association launches Free Agent List

The Rugby Players Association has announced the launch of the RPA Free Agent List, which informs clubs of player’s availability due to them being out of contract at the end of the season. All RPA members will be able to upload their details and these will be made available through a secure server to numerous […]

Home Unions agents scheme

The new harmonised agent’s scheme for the UK & Ireland is agreed we are now just awaiting site of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Home Unions to provide input. As a reminder: the key principles of the harmonised scheme are: The regulations apply equally to all agents who carry out Agent Activity in any […]

Enforcement of regulations

The key theme over the coming months for the RFU and ARB are governance and ensuring the regulations around agent’s activity are enforced. The ARB is considering proposals around the introduction of fixed sanctions and a tariff tables for breaches such as nonattendance at seminars and non – compliant contracts. They are also looking into […]

Benefit in kind (P11D) and agents fee’s

It would appear that this is still a mess with clubs having different approaches. It is the ARA understands that Premiership Rugby has advised all clubs that all agents’ fees should be treated as a benefit in kind and should appear on the player’s P11D. The fee should be treated 100% as a benefit in […]

Agents seminar at Rugby Expo 2014

  A proposal is before the ARB to hold the next agents seminar at Rugby Expo in 2014 and this is supported by the ARA. It is also hoped that the ARA will be able to have a bigger say on the format and content of this seminar to ensure a good quality event.

Meet the Management Board

Mark Spoors – Chairman – Mark set up Big Red Management in 2003. Having read marketing with law at university Mark spent the first 3 years working for sports management companies IMG & Sports Masters International, before setting up Big Red. Shaun Longstaff is a former Scotland International winger. A distinguished career with a long […]

Benefit in Kind

Benefit in Kind is a major issue in our industry today. The liability that players are required to pay Tax on agent’s fees as it can be classed as a benefit in kind is a complex issue. The ARA is working hard with Premiership Rugby and RPA to get a uniformed procedure across all clubs […]

English Championship Clubs Player Dealings

The ARA have been successful in negotiating that Championship Clubs and Premiership clubs in England now fall under the same regulation on player dealings i.e. You can do deals 6 months before the end of the season. This replaces the old 3 month rule for the championship. The ARA is now working on getting this […]

Standard Contracts

The RFU along with the RFU have pushed hard for standard contracts across our industry. At this current time the position of the ARA is against this concept and we are pleased that no standard contract will be insisted upon for the time being. Please note however, all player/agents contracts must comply with RFU Regulation […]

Agents Registration and Exam

All agents would have received their renewal packs from the RFU which now include taking an open book exam. The ARA was instrumental in bringing in this process to help raise standards of agents registering and also ensure a better more transparent form of registration. The exam is an open book exam and the information […]