Home Unions agents scheme

The new harmonised agent’s scheme for the UK & Ireland is agreed we are now just awaiting site of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Home Unions to provide input.

As a reminder: the key principles of the harmonised scheme are:

  1. The regulations apply equally to all agents who carry out Agent Activity in any of Home Unions even if the agent is based outside of the Home Unions.
  2. Agents must register with the Home Union in which the agent is primarily going to carry out or intends to carry out agent activity.
  3. All such agents must undergo the same application and renewal process regardless of where they are based, regardless of whether they are registered with an overseas agents’ scheme and regardless of whether they would have been previously classified as an ‘Exempt Individual’ under the previous regulations. The concept of ‘Exempt Individual’ and ‘Overseas Agent’ therefore no longer exist and all agents will be subject to the same regulations and application/renewal procedure.
  4. Once admitted by one Home Union the agent will automatically be entitled to operate in the other Home Unions and will be subject to all other Home Unions’ jurisdictions.
  5. For existing agents, the introduction of the Home Unions Agents Scheme will not affect the everyday operation of the agent. If there is a disciplinary breach (whether by the agent, player or club), which Home Unions has jurisdiction will need to be determined on a case by case basis and will generally be determined based on where the defendant is based.