Agents registration and exam – agents pass with an average mark of over 98%

All agents as part of their renewal process on registration with the RFU have undergone the completion of the Agents Exam. As communicated in the past the ARA were very supportive of this initiative as it worked as a training exercise and would certainly raise standards. There were some concerns over the format of the exam and the high pass mark. The ARA has kept in close communication to monitor results and work few those questions in the exam that were seen as not clear. We are delighted to report that out of those agents that decided to renew and complete the exam the average pass mark was over 98%.

The breakdown of the results was as follows:

75 completed renewal packs:

2 failed and were resent renewal packs – Past second time with 100%.
42 obtained 100%
13 obtained 98%
13 obtained 96%
7 obtained 94%

6 not required to renew

10 packs which have not been marked, due to them being incomplete, i.e. no renewal fee included or missing evidence of PI insurance. They will be marked and actioned when complete.

This therefore indicates a total number of current registered agents as 81 with a question still over the 10 packs not completed. Therefore the number of registered agents has reduced from 130.