Representation of Age Grade Players

The Agents Review Board has been focusing on the extent to which Agents should be permitted to represent Players that were under the age of 18. The current Regulation on this point is covered off in Regulation 8.8.4 which states the following:

8.8.4 Registered Agents must not make any offer of contract, provide any letter of intent or offer any inducement to any Player under the age of 18 or to any parent, guardian, trustee or other person of such Player, except in the case of Players aged 16 or more where a contract is offered under which the only material consideration provided to the Player is in the form of a non-refundable financial grant to be applied only for the purposes of the Player’s academic and/or vocational training for a period of 12 months or longer.

There was consensus that there were a number of concerns relating to Agents representing Players under the age of 18.