Stade Francais About To Go Wild?

Paris Top 14 club, Stade Francais is about to be sold to the German Capri-Sun owner, Hans-Peter Wild.

Current club president, Thomas Savare is reported to have opted for Wild’s proposal over that of the former players Thomas Lombard, Christophe Dominici and Mathieu Blin (among others).

Born in Germany but resident in Switzerland, Wild (75) has a resources estimated at almost 3 billion euros (£2.55bn). Nicknamed “the Doctor”, he has been supporting rugby for several years in Germany, having first supported the club in his hometown of Heidelberg, where his father played rugby and then founded in 2007 an academy that bears his name and sponsoring the German national team.

“The longevity of the club has oriented my choice,” explained Thomas Savare in a press release this week. “But I wanted to pay tribute to the group of former players who mobilized to propose a project.”

Thomas Savare still has to submit his choice to the board of directors of the company for approval.

The club has been struggling with an uncertain future since a failed attempt by Savare to merge with Paris rival Racing 92 earlier in the year.